Snow Plow

Winter is here!   Our rain yesterday turned to ice and snow overnight, and it was not a fun drive to work this morning.  I made it!  Whew!  It’s really looking like winter now.

The peacock is still working on growing his tail out.  He got brave and ventured out into the snow.

Lucy and Gabby are smart enough to sit on those feet and keep them warm while they nibble at hay.

Muffin is just chowing down.

Everyone is adjusting to the snow.  I’m the only one whining that I’m not ready.  See, I bought a snow plow for the Ranger because I’m getting to be a wimp in my old age.

It was delivered right before Christmas after being back-ordered.  The delivery was interesting.  I got a phone call at work from a gentleman asking how to get to my place because he was on his way.  Then he was asking about parking and someone to unload it.  I’m guessing he was expecting a fancy business with a loading dock and equipment to lift pallet and all from the semi.

It was very disappointing when he found out I had a driveway on a gravel road.  I did offer that the neighbor’s drive was directly across from mine that he could probably pull into and then back across into mine.  He didn’t sound to excited about that option.  I’m sure he wasn’t too excited when I said I’d have my kid come help unload it.  (The Boy wasn’t too happy with that either.)  They got it unloaded into the middle of my drive, and that is where it still sits.  When the Boy tried to put the bracket thing on the Ranger that holds the blade, it didn’t fit.  I’m so good with those technical terms!

We’re still in negotiations on what to do to solve this dilemma after e-mailing pictures, phone messages, e-mails, and conversations.  The latest from the company is that they will refund me $150 to have someone make me one for it.  In the meantime, it sits in the driveway.

Explorer Bob

Now that winter has truly arrived, it’s getting covered in snow.  I am still kind of excited about it because its controls are hydraulic with a joystick controller so I don’t have to get in and out of the Ranger to change directions.

Hopefully, we’ll get it on the Ranger and functional soon because I think it’s going to be very much a pain to shovel around it.  I’m sure I don’t want to back out of the garage and up the hill trying to avoid running into it.

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