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Rooster Troubles

17 Jan

I haven’t mentioned Naughty Rooster Boy much lately.  That’s mostly because he had quit attacking people.  He didn’t have another rooster to fight with.  He was no longer naughty, and I put him back in the coop with all the new girls.  Life was good!

Naughty Rooster Boy

He’s very suave and knows how to treat the ladies.  If he finds something tasty to eat, he calls the girls and lets them have it.  He does treat them right!  They just eat it up (the tasty morsels and his attention).  See how the flock around him.

Then these two decided to be roosters instead of hens.

Dora is not a dominant kind of guy.  He’s pretty happy to just mind his own business and jump a hen when she’s off by herself and least expecting it.  Mostly everyone ignores him; although, the white cochin hen does seem to like him quite a bit.

Dora the Explorer Rooster

Then there’s this guy with no name yet.  He’s young, but he thinks he’s really something to crow about.  That means the girls are never safe from him.

Naughty Rooster Boy is not happy with these two young ones and their amorous advances on the hens.  Notice the black spots on the rooster’s comb (above)?  That’s from Naughty Rooster Boy grabbing him by the comb to pull him away from the girls.

On top of spending his time chasing the the barred rock rooster and treating his ladies well, he’s decided to let me know that he’s not happy about new roosters.  Now I always have to keep one eye on him.  I don’t want him to kill the two young roosters. What am I going to do?  Do I kick Naughty Rooster Boy out of the coop to be a free range chicken again?  Do I kick the two young roosters out to free range together?

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