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Sparkly and Stuff

14 Jan

We had a light dusting of dry snow last night.  It left things very sparkly this morning with the sunshine.

The powdery snow was perfect to play with the camera.

Bob was along on my walk to supervise me.


Luckily, he didn’t sit on the post I wanted to take pictures of.

Fionn was right there too.  He’s not sparkly and covered in snow, but he is adorable with those curls.  I’m guessing he’ll have curls this year, but when he starts acting like a buck next year, I’m afraid they’ll be straightened.


Even the cockle burrs looked pretty with a cap of snow.  Of course I won’t enjoy trying to get rid of them next summer.  I really need to do a better job of keeping up in the garden all through the fall.

I was surprised to find the feather I photographed for the First of the Month for January still clinging to the weeds.  That’s amazing considering all the gale force winds we’ve had.

Hopefully, I’ll find more pretty sparkly things in the back yard when it gets to be the first of February.

I’m pretty sure I’ll find more feathers no matter what  time of year.  I’m not sure they’ll always be so pretty.

Why to I have some many goose feathers in my yard?  Well, the fence below separates my yard from the barnyard.  Obviously, the geese are close to the yard.  In fact, they occasionally manage to get into the yard.

Finally, on my way back to the house, I noticed the snow-covered tree branches.

Then I noticed the branches were not on the tree.  They were on the roof of the greenhouse.

I’ve never seen the magnolia tree cast a shadow like that before.

Pretty cool!

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