Fionn and His Girls

I’m happy to say that Fionn and his girls seem to be getting along quite well.  They should since he grew up with the older ones.  Although not related, they were very close because Fionn sort of adopted Cinnamon and her two brothers and their mom.

Cinnamon seems to think she should be on whatever side of the fence I’m on.  She also has a few jealousy issues, pushy any other kid away from me.  She’s such a stinker!

Cinnamon Blackboer

Fionn is a pretty sweet mellow guy, and he’s happy to stand around and just munch on hay.

Victoria Blackboer and Fionn Osboer

I was afraid he would never notice how nice the girls smell, but he did manage to lift his head from the hay to get a whiff.


He’s started his job with Haley and Harley.  Being two of a set of triplets, they came into the world together, so I guess it’s not a surprise they came into heat together.

Haley and Harley Blackboer

Suppose they’ll have kids on the same day?  That would keep me busy!  I also moved Jelly over here from the “retired” section.  She didn’t have her mom with her, and it was hard for her to find food.

Jelly Blackboer

She gets plenty to eat over here.

All in all they seem to get along quite well~except for when Cinnamon is jealous.

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