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Barn Kitty

31 Jan

Snickers was helping out in the barn this weekend.  He’s such a good kitty.

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Goat Portraits

30 Jan

One of the nice things about this unusually warm weather is the photo opportunities.  The goats are happy just lounging around and basking.  That means they aren’t running around and I can get some good portraits.  I thought about posting everyone, but then I realized that would be over forty pictures.  So for today, here are a few portraits.

Bud Osboer

Bud is one of the wethers here.  He’s got a heart of gold, and he’s just a giant goofball.

Pistol Osboer

Pistol earned her name within a few days of being born, and it still fits her.  She does have a sweet streak to her, and she’s a good mom.

Dolly Ann Street

Dolly is Pistol’s maa.  She is quite the photogenic girl, and she almost always gives me a toothy grin.

Stormy Sue Street

Stormy is one of the girls my Maddie (my Gravatar) gave me.  She’s very shy and sweet.  She’s taking a break from having babies this year because she’s still recovering from her triplets.  I think she’s actually about back to normal.

Megora Saanen

Meg is one of my original girls.  She’s the one that has had the hoof infection.  You can see she’s still favoring her left front foot, but it’s better.  I think the hoof might need trimmed up, but I’m not sure how to do it with all the damage from the infection.  It might be time to call Dr. Schmitz.

Bambi Blackboer

Bambi is Millie’s last kid.  Oh, wait, Millie decided to have a kid again, so Bambi is one of Millie’s kids.  She’s very much the spoiled brat, but don’t tell her I called her that, or she’ll go maaaing to Millie.

Muffin Jane Osboer

Muffin is one of the first kids born here that I kept.  I have to say, if you painted some Boer markings on her, she’d be the spitting image of her daddy (Ozzy Osboer) with her maa’s wattles.

Lily Osboer

Lily is another of Ozzy Osboer’s kids.  She too looks a lot like her dad because her maa was a Nubian cross.  Lily was a triplet and the only girl.  That’s why she was the one I chose for a bottle kid.

Lotus Annabelle Moxon

Lotus came to us last year after a fellow blogger moved and couldn’t take her animals with her.  I have to say that Lotus is the smallest goat on the farm, but she has one big presence.  The big goats don’t even bother her.

Joe Jo Street

Joe is the largest doe born on the farm.  When she was young (because she was never little), I called her Miss Moose.  She is very sweet, and I love her to death despite her horribly fast-growing hooves.  She is due to have kids on March 2nd.

Helen Osboer

Helen is a brat.  She’s got attitude.  She is also a very beautiful girl.  She was one of my milking does this last summer, but she had it all worked out.  I had to give her a bite of corn before she’d agree to come get milked.  Seriously a brat!

This is just a few of the goats, but I’ll try to get portraits of some more if the weather holds.  I’ve been thinking about making a set of goat note cards.  What do you think for any of these pictures?  Any I just have to turn into a card?  I know there are several that I wouldn’t even consider, but if you think they’d be good, let me know.

Dancing Already

29 Jan

I keep reading about how our weird weather has Nature all confused.  Today, I have my own example of how the overly warm temperatures are affecting the animals here.

My peacock seems confused.  He’s growing out his tail feathers just they way he is supposed to.

I love those beautiful eyes and fringes.

After losing them all at the end of August, they’ve completely grown back out.

Does she look impressed with his tail?

This is what I expect from the peafowl this time of year~just hanging out.

For some reason, he decided to start dancing for the girls today.

He usually isn’t interested in attracting their attention until the end of March or April.

He was certainly fluttering those wings

and shaking those long tail feathers.

Early or not, he is beautiful!

I just hope they don’t try to lay eggs and sit on a nest already.

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