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Scarlet’s Family

30 Dec

Scarlet had triplets this year on May 31.  If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that it was a rough summer for her and her kids.  Due to fence issues, the goats were confined to the small pasture and it was getting overgrazed before I could finally let them into the larger pasture.

Scarlet, Casey and Cookie

Scarlet picked up parasites and our horrible heat was very hard on her.  As a result her kids were not doing well.  After a long hard summer of trying to keep them alive, Oreo passed, but Casey and Cookie are doing much better.  It does my heart good to see that they are gaining weight and energy.


Of course, banding Casey has slowed down his growth just a bit.  Right now he smells dead, but he’s gaining again.  He still doesn’t look good.  Give him a bit more time.


Cookie is looking really good now.  She’s still on the short side, but I think that’s just her natural size.


These two are certainly scrappy little kids.  They even brave the wrath of the llama to eat hay.

They seem to think he’s a lot less likely to try to kill them than some of the other big goats.  Their mom isn’t always nice about letting them eat with her either (although she is doing better).

Djali is pretty tolerant to start with, but after while, he just can’t handle sharing anymore.  You can tell by the look on the llama’s face~Casey got a big llama chomp on the shoulder.

It really must not hurt because it certainly doesn’t keep him from coming right back to eat some more.

This is where I really stink as a farmer.   After this really hard summer and two years in a row of having triplets, Scarlet is not getting bred this year.  She’ll get to stay on the farm, but if she injures kids this spring, she’ll have to go.  She seriously injured both of her grandkids this summer, permanently injuring one.  I’m hoping she’ll be better without kids of her own.  But what am I going to do with those two little stinkers?  After working so hard to keep them alive, I have a hard time selling them when I know it will be for slaughter.

Dang cute sweet stinkin’ kids!  I still have Jelly, too, and she’s on my list of kids to sell.


Of course, I still have Vinnie who was on the sell list and she raised her own baby this year and she’ll be celebrating her second birthday in March.  I guess only time will tell what I end up doing with these three.

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