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Happy Plants

27 Dec

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I am guilty of neglect.  Over the last couple of years with my increasing goat herd, expanding farm, and new interests, my poor houseplants have been severely neglected.  Yesterday was devoted to those plants.

I dug out my big bag of potting soil and gave them new dirt.

I started with the Christmas cactus.  Here’s evidence of it’s recent blooms.

It’s looking much happier now!

Of course, some of them needed a serious bathing before they were finished.

I’m almost embarrassed about this one.  It has been in the same pot with the same dirt for I don’t know how long.  I started by cutting off all the dead stuff.

Then it was time to take it out of the pot.  It was a little bit root bound.  Okay, I don’t know how it managed to grow and wind those roots all around like that.

I couldn’t separate the individual plants with those roots all twisted together, so I took drastic measures.  Yes, that is a butcher knife.

I’m hopeful this one will survive the drastic root pruning and transplanting.  It is the bigger and healthier of the two.  The other one is okay, but we’ll see if it recovers.

Well, since I removed a lot of root I decided I’d better take off all those little new ones trying to start.  I don’t know what I’ll do if they all sprout roots and grow.  Hmmm….would they make it through the mail for a giveaway?

I had some expert help while I was transplanting all these plants.

This poor Jade plant really isn’t supposed to be horizontal.

A few more recipients of new dirt.  You’ll notice the sideways Jade plant is now standing straight up thanks to a stake.

Unfortunately, I ran out of potting soil before I ran out of plants.  I still have to tackle the philodendron climbing up the wall.

Maybe this is the start of a good New Year’s resolution: Don’t neglect the plants!

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