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Checking Cows

22 Dec

I’m off to check cows, and I’d love to have you come along.  MJ and Maxine have been moved to the north part of the farm for the winter.  I still want to go check on them frequently and make sure their water is thawed (not much of a problem with our warm weather lately) and they still have hay.  I headed up to check them, and it wasn’t hard to find them.  They were standing right by the panels I ran across the drive.

Maxine and MJ

I figured I shouldn’t open the panels and let them out, so I went around to the other entrance.  Besides, the gate is much easier to open and close than the cattle panels.

It also gives me a chance to make sure the fence is still sort of standing.  I really have to do a lot more work on fences.  It seems like a never-ending task.

This whole stretch from the gate to the edge of the property needs replaced.

Enough with the fences.  I also had to check the cows’ hay.  This is the first they’ve even started eating on it.  With the warmer weather and little snow we’ve had, they are still eating a lot of grass from the yard and waterways.

Here’s MJ.  I love those fuzzy ears!  He looks pretty darn good and healthy.


Here’s Maxine.  Yep, she’s enjoyed the hay.


Done checking the cows, so it’s time to go back home.  Thanks for coming along to check cows with me.

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