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Animals Out of Control

13 Dec

First, I just want to say, these are all older pictures because it was already raining when I got home today.  Rain in December~I guess I prefer (and am grateful for) this rather than a foot of snow.  Anyhow, along with the rain, when I got home and pulled in the garage, I had a Great Pyrenees greet me.


My first thought was, “How did Stella get out now?”  Then I looked a bit closer and decided it wasn’t Stella.  It was Buddy, the neighbor’s dog.  I’ve never seen him down here before, about a mile from his home, and he looked like a petrified whipped puppy.  He was happy to see me and would have liked to follow me in my yard.  Thank goodness for the fence because Mushu and Stella were doing their best to be dominant protective dogs.


Buddy’s gone back home, but that was just the first “animals out of control” event.  When I went in the barnyard to do chores, Pam and Boeris were not in their pen.

Pam and Boeris

I will claim one-third of the responsibility here.  I had the chain on the gate, but I had not fastened the hook tightly.  This is the first time anyone has gotten out because of that.  I also blame Pam.  She’s constantly fighting with her half sisters (Joe, Litha, Stormy) through the gate.  The final third of responsibility would be whichever sister Pam was fighting with.  Boeris seems to have had a fun day, and he was not too happy when I made him go back to his pen.  Of course, I didn’t bother moving Pam because of the rain.

Boeris Van de Yell

Luckily, I noticed who was flicking their tails and hanging out by Marley this morning.  Silly Muffin still hasn’t weaned her daughter, Jelly, and now she’s likely bred again.

Muffin Jane Osboer

I thought the other one was Betty Lou, but it was dark.  After checking them out, I decided it was her daughter, Helen, that was in heat.

Helen Osboer

At least they were both supposed to be put with Boeris in a couple of weeks.  I hope my mom doesn’t mind being on baby watch because they’ll be due about two weeks before I’m done teaching for the year.

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