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I Do What I Can

12 Dec

I’m not what you’d call a huge charitable person.  I don’t donate lots of money, and I don’t donate my time.  Still I do what I can.  One tradition I’ve developed is waiting to cut my hair until I just can’t stand it anymore.

I know it’s time to get it cut when I can’t put my hood up without flipping my ponytail to the front of my face and I end up zipping it in my coat.  As I’m doing chores, my hair comes out both sides of the hood and gets in my mouth.  Yep, that’s when it’s time to get it cut~twelve inches.

It takes about two years for me to get to this point.  This time, I couldn’t wait that long, so it’s now a bit shorter than I usually get it cut, but that’s okay.  I sent my twelve-inch ponytails to Wigs for Kids.  This is the fifth or sixth time I’ve done this.

It is a great organization that helps kids feel better about themselves by providing them with a wig when they’ve lost their own hair.  Each wig is custom -made and is valued between $1500 and $3000.  While hair donations are important, they also rely on monetary donations to help offset the costs of production.  That’s why I included a small gift with my hair.  If you are looking for a tax deduction as the year is drawing to a close, check them out.

I also seem to be doing what I can to help out my small local post office.  It’s on the list for possible closures.  Of course, it would be inconvenient to have to mail my hair and orders from my on-line market from another town, but it would also mean my mom would lose her part-time job.  Then I’d lose my own personal mail clerk!

I do what I can.  Now if only I’d get around to writing and mailing all those holiday cards!