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Meg’s Infected Hoof and Garlic

5 Dec

Poor Meg has been limping off and on for a month now.  I’ve looked and couldn’t see anything several times.  I had my son hold her so I could trim it.  I still didn’t see anything that would explain why she was limping.  I only saw a tiny pinprick spot, but it was not soft or smelly.  Trimming helped a bit for a few days.

Megora Saanen

About a week after the trimming she was limping worse again, so I decided to use a garlic infusion on it to try and treat any hoof rot.  I don’t know how should would get hoof rot as dry as our weather is, but at least it was something.

I put about 1/2 cup of water in a pan and got a head of garlic.

Because this was a small one, I used most of the head.  I peeled the cloves and cut them so the liquid would more easily blend with the water.

I boiled it for just a bit.  It was enough to make the whole house smell for the rest of the day.  After it cooled, I strained it to remove the garlic.

Then it was ready to use.

I just needed to get my patient and check out her foot.  While I was looking at her hoof, I noticed that it was now bright red all between the toes and it had pus at the hairline on the front of the hoof.

Poor girl.  I rinsed it thoroughly with the garlic infusion.

Two days later, I managed to get my son to come hold her again.  It looked better, but she now had a black crusty spot on top.

There was a red raw spot, but it didn’t seem to have the infection.  I rinsed it with the garlic infusion again, and I did give her a shot of antibiotics also because I’m not sure how the garlic would do on an infection that was all through the foot.

It was looking better, but tonight she’s limping again.  I think she’ll have the vet look at it when he’s here on Wednesday.  If you don’t believe in the antibiotic properties of garlic, check out my post from last year on antibiotic garlic.

It’s really powerful stuff.