Getting Ready to Face Winter

I can’t put it off any longer.  I have to get the barnyard ready for winter.  After Thanksgiving record high temperatures, we’re going steadily down now.  I got a good start on things today.  I started with the buck pen.

Marley Osboer

For some reason, they knocked a board off the wall and my tarp was coming unfastened.  It wasn’t going to even slow down the howling winds in January.

All better!  Okay, it’s better than it was.  Someday, I’m just going to have to replace the garage and this lean-to.

Where was Stormy to distract Marley when I needed her?

Marley and Stormy

With that done, I moved to “The Love Shack” where Fionn is living.

Fionn and Helen

I think he’s enjoying not having to eat and sleep with one I open to make sure his daddy, Marley, isn’t going to butt him.  I can actually take a picture of Fionn without the fence in front of him.


It’s a little non-traditional, but hopefully it will keep the wind out.

I also had to check and make sure the cattle tank was ready to have the heater turned on.  That required me to clean all the “organic matter” from the side and removing the panel at the bottom.  I still need to drain it and scrub the goose sludge out, but I hate that job.

Muffin and Jelly

The goat would really appreciate me cleaning out their lovely blue cattle tank.  While I was crouched down, I had expert help.  Cinnamon had her face in mine.  She was standing right in front of me so I couldn’t see.  She was also pulling my hair!

Cinnamon Blackboer

She’s such a helpful girl!  She is adorable, but not very photogenic.  That’s because she’s usually helping me.  I also had to walk out to pasture and retrieve this blue feed tub that the wind had blown out there.

Coral Blackboer

Unlike Cinnamon, Coral is cute and photogenic!

Isn’t it nice to see siblings getting along so well?

Clover and Coral

Tomorrow, I’ll keep working on getting things ready for the winter.  It will be fun since we’re going to have wind advisories with temperatures dropping most of the day.

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I miss my camera (big sigh), but I got an e-mail that it made it to Texas and is being treating with loving care.  Okay, they said they are working on it.  Hopefully the cleaning will be done and it will be home by this time next week.

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