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If It’s Not One Thing…

21 Nov

You’ve heard that expression~If it’s not one thing, it’s another.  Well, I seem to be dealing with both one thing and another.  I’ve had on and off issues with the furnace/central air since the end of the furnace weather last spring.  After it was pooling gas due to things rusting through and then igniting with a big boom, I was a bit paranoid.

Well, no, it tried blowing me up, so I’m not paranoid.  Anyhow, I’m getting a new furnace put in tomorrow.  This one has been in the house for probably 25 years, so that’s pretty darn good!

I’m sure this one was good in its day, but I’m guessing (and hoping) a newer model will result in a more efficient furnace as well.

Another thing going on is my painful foot.  I bruised the heel last spring when I was going over fences and stepping onto the concrete several times a day when I was feeding all those bottle kids.

Well, the official diagnosis is plantar fasciitis.  I get to stretch, take anti-inflammatories, ice it, and wear good shoes.

Well, I already wear podiatrist recommended shoes most of the time.  This time, he gave me his recommendation for the barnyard, so I got new shoes before I came home too.  Bet snickers won’t be trying that after they’ve been worn.

These shoes are not for just sitting around, and I guarantee they won’t be up on the coffee table again.

It won’t take long to get them really worn in.

As if one thing and another wasn’t enough, I have this as well…

I’ve kept birds in this part of the barn since I’ve lived here.  Not once have I had a rodent problem until this summer.  First it was rats.  Then it was raccoons.  Now it’s…  I have no idea what is digging like this.

I’m thinking mole or ground hog.  At any rate, I moved the nest boxes and I’ll have to try and figure out how to convince the intruder to move away.   I think I confused my girls.

Wish I could believe it was just the girls with all their digging, but that’s too big of a pile for even them.  Although, this hen is getting a pretty good hole here.

Well, I guess that’s enough for today.  Besides, I need to go finish cleaning  out the furnace room.  I just don’t know how so much “stuff” accumulates in those little used places.  I guess my soap making will have to wait one more day.