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Another Busy Day

19 Nov

Seriously, I’m missing my best buddy~my Nikon D3100.  With all the really dry weather and the dusty harvest, I had to send the dear to Texas to be cleaned.  I’m getting reaquainted with my D40.  It’s really making me appreciate the new camera even more.  I did manage to take some pictures today though.

Technical difficulties or not, I’m still shelling popcorn.  Some days I don’t think I’ll ever get it done.  Mom is still picking more from the field!

My weekend days need to be about twice as long as a weekday so I can get more stuff done.  I am pretty impressed with all I’ve accomplished today though.  I started the morning with making lip balm.

I used a basic recipe from Gifts for Herb Lovers.  It’s a great book with lots of really neat ideas.  I’ve used this one a lot.

I also got around to freezing my pumpkin that I baked the other day.

Of course I played too.  I tried a new pumpkin bar recipe.  It turned out pretty good, and I might actually make this one again.

Finally, this afternoon, I tried a new goat milk soap.

This one is made with calendula petals.

It looks pretty in the molds.  I’ll get to take it out tomorrow and see how it looks.  I’d like to try a batch that has honey and ground calendula.  I think that one would be perfect for sensitive skin.

Tomorrow is looking to be just as busy as today, but not near as much fun.

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