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Getting Ready for Winter

15 Nov

As much as I hate to admit it, winter isn’t far away.  I have to get ready for it whether I want to or not.  That means I have to get MJ and Maxine’s winter home ready.  Right now, they are in the back forty.

They have food out there, and there’s plenty of water in the ditch, but they don’t have a real shelter.  I need to get them moved to the field up north so they have a nice shed to protect them before we get real winter storms.  That means we need to move their winter’s supply of hay so that they are not eating and destroying it before they need to eat the bales.

My son and nephew started by cleaning out the building.  I’m glad my boys help me with these things.

We put the hay into one section of the cattle shed.  Last year I had two bales for them.  They were named January and February.

This year, they have four bales to get them through the winter.  It’s a bit of a task to move those big round bales.  Again, it’s a good thing the boys are there for me.

Then I also have a couple of haystacks for the cows.  We needed to move one of them as well.

The one haystack has about one-and-a-half times the hay of a round bale.  This went in front of the round bales.  Now I just have to add a couple of cattle panels to keep MJ and Maxine out of this part of the building.  This picture makes my boy look really strong!

Of course, I can’t just leave the last bale sitting outside because the bovine would spread the hay all over and have a deep bed of wasted hay to nap on.  The boys also brought a stack feeder and put around the last stack.

I’ll have to keep a close eye on it because the cows can collapse the feeder and get stuck in it if it gets too empty and they start reaching in.  That will be quite a while though.

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