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A Manic Monday

7 Nov

I’m going to start by saying that I have a wonderful life on my farm.  I can’t imagine living anywhere else, and I wouldn’t want to.  I love the animals I’ve surrounded myself with, and I have a great family.  That being said, there’s something about the time change that makes things seem much more difficult.  It’s a race to get home and just get the animals taken care of before dark.  It gives me more time in the house in the evenings, and the last couple of days I’ve been thinking about how things are way more difficult than they ought to be.  It leaves me feeling like this:

Helen and Meg

Sometimes, it’s the small things that just seem to eventually drive you crazy.  For example, I adore my little Leo, but I can’t hardly walk down the stairs without tripping over him or almost kicking him.


In the barnyard, I have the same problem with Bud.  He’s a perfect goat~lovable and sweet.  However, as soon as he sees the pitcher that I’m going to use to feed them, he’s constantly in front of me.  He’ll stop and tilt his head to the side with his mouth wide open so that he can try and catch the grain before it hits the pan.  Seriously.  Every single time.


After chores tonight, I took the soap from yesterday out of the mold, and even though it’s not exactly how I envisioned it, I can handle this.  It smells wonderful and relaxing.

The kids have been very busy lately, and we haven’t had time to do much with making wine.  I’m a bit concerned because I’m almost out of my two favorites.  I might have to give up having it be a family thing and enjoying their company and just start some wine.  Finally, about two months late, we got our rhubarb wine bottled.

Then there’s the things I could deal with, like poor Bob injuring his foot and having to have his toe amputated.  You just take care of those things.


But Bob is squirmy.  I mean cartoon cat squirmy.  Literally, the vets had to knock him out before they could actually look at the paw.  He’s a good cat, not clawing or biting, just squirmy.  Because of that, I had to take him back to get the stitches out instead of me doing it.  After the last little scab fell off, I took a picture to show how well it was healed.  I noticed purple.

They missed a stitch.  He had to go back for a third time!  Really.  It shouldn’t be that difficult.

Then there are the bigger things that just seem to keep adding up and stressing me more and more.  It started with all the triplets in March that led to bottle kids and kids on loan.  Then there’s the whole issue of the drug resistant parasites and almost losing Stormy and Pam.  I’ve been doing a lot of looking through the microscope.  I am learning a lot.

The fences didn’t get done in a timely fashion (and still need finished), so the goats couldn’t go in the big pasture.  That and the horrible heat led to some goats with kids being run down.  That led to the whole of Scarlet’s triplets being underfed and pretty fragile and ended with Oreo’s death.  Of all things, the vet at Iowa State accused me of neglecting my animals after seeing her.  It was not a pleasant visit.  I’ve worked so hard to get them all healthy, and now I’m dreading selling Casey after all the work to get him healthy.  Anyone need a cute little guy?

Casey and Scarlett

I have struggled with a bruised foot and a sore shoulder all summer and fall.  I’m afraid I’m going to have to actually go see the doctor(s).  It’s hard to do a lot of the physical work when you’re in pain.  I finally got my son to finish scooping the building for me. [By the way, can anyone tell what on earth is going on with that bird flying?]


He’s started back to college and the money sounded good.  The kids were interested, but scared the daylights out of them when he tossed the poo.

Finally, it’s done and spread on the field.  Of course, I have broken windows because he forgot to put them back in and left them lying on the ground in the pen.  Now I have to clean up the glass and take it to my dad for new glass to be put in.  It’s a good thing I have such a handy dad.

I know I’ve been whining.  I try not to, but there’s something about this time of year when dark comes so early and I barely have time to enjoy the animals that it’s hard not to indulge in a pity party occasionally.  I promise I’ll try to be more chipper and cheerful tomorrow.