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Shades of Autumn Goat Style

4 Nov

I am so surprised that these wonderful purple mallow plants still have flowers on them.  I do love that they give me this beautiful color late into the year.  It helps that they are right by my house near the patio.

They are beautiful.

I thought that it might be a lovely decoration tucked behind a goats ear horn.


Stormy didn’t cooperate.  She just sniffed it.  I decided to try my sweet Harley chick.  She’ll let me do anything.


She wore it, but she was more interested in eating her hay than posing for me.

This is better!  Harley really is a lot of fun.

If I’m on the patio and look towards the barnyard, I have more beautiful fall colors~not purple, but still beautiful.

I love the way the leaves look with the sunlight behind them.

Of course, Coral like the way they look too.

She likes the way they taste even better.


I think I might be spoiling my little girl, but that’s the fun part of having goats!

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