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November 1st

1 Nov

Time flies.  I just don’t know how time flies so quickly.  The beautiful color of fall is passing.  My beautiful hickory tree has shed its leaves.  The squirrels and I have collected the nuts in preparation for the winter.

It’s a lot easier to see the skeletal remains of the cottonwood tree now that the leaves are all gone.

There are no flowers or bugs in the pasture to take a picture.  The only things I found besides the bare trees were the bovine.

MJ and Maxine

MJ is very happy to have his Maxine back from her date with the bull.  She’s settled back into being his companion cow.  They spend most of their time grazing around the pasture.

I also found their new neighbors.  The corn field was combined, and now there are Hereford cows next door.

They are pretty girls.

Ever heard the expression “take the bull by the horns.”  Well most bulls are polled (hornless) or de-horned these days, but I don’t think I’d want to irritate this guy.

Ah yes, the llama now has a new hobby.  He keeps an eye on the new neighbors.  If they dare come too close, I’m sure he’ll spit on them.

Djali Llama

For some reason Djali Llama does not like cattle, but he’s mostly accepted my two.

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