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A Busy Day

29 Oct

I’ve been on the go all day.  It started with Dad coming out and helping me load up eight girls to be sold.  Cookie and Jelly were given a reprieve for now because they are a bit smaller.


As much as I hate to admit it, my goats do end up in the food chain.  I try to give them the best life I can, and I’d love to find good homes for them, but it just doesn’t happen too much.  There’s not  a lot of people that want goats for pets.  I have had several random people stop and ask about buying goats, but they generally want fresh meat.  I really do have to sell them because I just can’t house and feed that many goats all winter.


With the kids gone, that means Jilly is my milking goat.  Well, she wasn’t exactly cooperative.  She was dancing and jumping and tossing her head at me, and she wouldn’t even let me have her milk.  It wasn’t very productive.  Of course, she’s been nursing her kids for 4 1/2 months, and she’s been trying to wean them.  Guess I’m not going to get much from her this fall.

After Dad and I dropped the kids off, I decided to make some soap.  This is sage.  It doesn’t have much scent to it other than nice clean soap, but it works well.  It’s all my dad uses anymore, which cracks me up because he’s not the kind you’d think would be picky about soap.  I also did a bigger batch of lavender.

sage soap

After the soap, I went in to my mom’s and helped pick some popcorn.  It’s crazy how much popcorn is out there.  I’m sending a bunch to my sister to shell for me.  It gives her something to do, and I certainly appreciate the time it saves me.  We’ve already picked, husked, shelled, and cleaned about twenty-six pounds.


I’m hoping to have lots of popcorn and soap and who knows what else for a Christmas sale.  After chores, I decided to check out the garden.  Poor little blueberry bush only has about three leaves left on it.  They are bright leaves though.

blueberry leaves

I also saw red in the garden.  I thought I’d found someone to pick the rest of the tomatoes, but they decided they didn’t need to can anymore, and I just haven’t been able to get out there.


Um.  Some of those tomatoes that are under the plants are still okay.  I might have to pick them tomorrow and see if there are enough to do something with them.


I suppose I could make tomato preserves to take to the Christmas sale.  I also found a surprise or two in the garden.  The cauliflower that just stayed stunted with our hot dry conditions seem to be enjoying the cooler weather of fall.


Maybe this late in the year, there won’t be worms on it.  I might have a cauliflower and a cabbage to pick!  There might be an idea here~fall crops.


Finally, I just wanted to share another picture of the waxing moon.

waxing moon

Tomorrow looks like it might be just as busy.

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