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A Vet Kind of Day

17 Oct

Warning:  one graphic cat paw injury picture follows.

Bob went to the vet for his paw today.  He obviously had an infection.  I could tell that from his fever.


Warning.  Icky paw picture next.

He was something of a spitfire.  They had to sedate him so they could actually see the extent of the injury.  Then, while he was unconscious, they amputated one toe on his paw.


Poor baby.  He’ll get to come home tomorrow.

Then, I met my mom and Oreo at the vet’s office after work.  I had figured she would drop dead or get better over the weekend, but she was still just slowly weakening.  I had mom ask the vets while she was there with Bob, and they said to bring her over in the afternoon.

She has extreme muscle weakness despite a really good appetite.  She can’t get up any farther than her knees, and that is hard or almost impossible now.  She loses balance and falls on her side, where she’s stuck until I help her up.  The vet gave her thiamine, selenium and vitamin E along with Banamine.  We’re trying to get her system back on track.

Leo and Oreo

She’s still got a great appetite.  Leo was very interested in her and her hay.  I managed to get a fecal sample tonight, and that’s okay.  Hopefully, she’ll recover.  She’s staying in the house, and mom is checking on her tomorrow (I almost bet she’ll go home with mom in the morning.).

I don’t know what I’d do without my mom.  She’s so wonderful to help me and my animals.