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Bean Harvest and Odds and Ends

13 Oct

Well, the beans were harvested Tuesday evening, and they got to sit in the trucks until today.  We finally had rain, so the beans stayed in the trucks in a building.  With parent-teacher conferences, this is the first I got to see that empty field.

They really were a bumper crop.  Considering there was virtually no rain from out storm on July 11 until just recently, they did amazingly well, fifty-five bushels per acre.

I’m still harvesting the garden.  Okay, I have things that need to be harvested.  I just haven’t had the time.

I am going to try to pick all the tomatoes on Sunday and take them to a couple of people at work.  I hate waste, and it kills me that I haven’t already done something with them.  I might have to enjoy a tomato salad from the little cherry ones.

I still have bell peppers.  It frosted, and I still have peppers. I have no idea why they didn’t die off.

Boeris (yep, I named the new buck Boeris) is settling in quite well.  He’s so mellow.  I think I made a good choice.

He’s enjoying all the needles falling from the pine trees.  I’m a little concerned about the trees, but hopefully some rain will help them quit shedding so many needles.

Sometimes life sends a rainbow just when you need it, and I really appreciated it.  I actually started my morning with seeing a shooting star, and this late-afternoon rainbow finished the day.

Life is good.

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