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Full Moon Harvest

11 Oct

Tonight, the full moon rose over the horizon and lit the beanfield.

The combine arrived and began harvesting as the sun was setting on the opposite side of the field.

The plants are pulled into the front of the combine, the beans are removed,

and the plant is chopped up and spit out the back.

On the ground, you find all kinds of empty bean pods.

This little guy better hope he can hop out of the way.

When the combine is full, it gets unloaded into the trucks.

This field is not planted in nice straight rows.  We practice contour farming, so we follow the hills when we plant and harvest.  Instead of back and forth, he goes around and up and down and through and in and out.  You never know which way the combine is going next.

He’ll keep it up until late in the night or until it’s done.  As I came in, the sun was down and I could see the lights of the combine moving around the field.

Tomorrow I’ll get to find out what the average yield was per acre.

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