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The New Buck on the Farm

8 Oct

This morning I loaded up the truck with Ben and Rolly to take to the sale barn.  This is the worst part about farming, having to say good-bye.


They were safely in the pen my dad made.

Rolly and Ben

It’s awesome!  He made it from panels that he cut out of the old cougar cages that were made from an old grain bin.  How’s that for reusing?

The frame was cut from old bed frames.  The split door was my idea.  When we load or unload, it will block the sides after the tailgate is put down.  He used chain links cut in half to make his hinges, and he’s so smart he put some on top and some on bottom of the panel so it can’t slide up or down.

Normally, I’m horribly sad and upset when I come home from selling my kids, but today, I didn’t come home with an empty pen.

Meet the new buck on the farm.  He was enjoying a nice rest under the oak tree.

He doesn’t have a name yet, but I think I already really like him.  (Yes, he has a goose down feather stuck to the white stripe under his chin.)

He’s very calm.  I could get a collar on him, unload him and walk him into his pen without any fuss whatsoever.

I think he’ll make beautiful babies.

Not bad for a yearling.  He let me pet him (which resulted in me seriously needing a shower or two).

Right now, his only company is the outcast gander, but I don’t want him and Marley to meet while they are in rut because I think this fellow would come away dead.  We certainly don’t want that.

Now I just have to figure out his name.

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