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The Bean Field

6 Oct

The beans are dying down and drying at an almost alarming rate.  It’s just a week or so ago that the plants were still green.  Now they are dead.

We’ve had a horribly dry stretch of weather.  It’s the driest thirty day stretch in quite a few years, since 2007.

That’s good for getting crops out of the fields, but it also makes it dangerous.  There have been almost daily fires reported from combines igniting in fields.

We’re planning on combining my beans this weekend.  Hopefully, they will have a moisture content of about 12 – 13%.  That’s ideal.  Anything less, and they start docking you.  (I didn’t even notice the caterpillar in the picture below until I got it on the computer.)

The dry weather also lets you see the tracks where they sprayer was driven through the fields in July.

Hopefully, this will be yet another bumper crop this year!  We’ll find out once the beans are out of the field.

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