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Naked Peafowl

30 Sep

The peacock is finally finishing molting.  He’s nearly naked.

I wonder if those loose feathers itch.  He certainly shakes and sends those few remaining feathers flying.

He’s not much to look at from the back side anymore.

I wonder if the girls are making fun of him.

He’ll spend the next few months growing new tail feathers, so he’ll look beautiful in the spring.

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A Late September Evening

29 Sep

Last night I went out to pasture to greet the goats as they were coming back up.

When I got to the top of the hill, I found an amazing crop!

It looks like I need to gather some walnuts.  I think it was certainly a good year for walnuts.

While I was out there, I also got to see a beautiful sunset.

It wasn’t really flashy, but it was beautiful.

I hope you are treated to a beautiful sunset wherever you are.

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Making their eXit

28 Sep

When I was outside last weekend, I noticed geese.  They’re beginning to make their exit to warmer climates.

The corn is turning golden, but we still have beautiful green leaves on the trees.

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