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A Couple of Flowers

27 Aug

The end of August has brought some new flowers.  Every year at this time the sedum opens and shows its pretty pink flowers.

I love these tiny little blossoms.

When I first moved here twelve years ago, I didn’t care about flowers at all.  In fact, I said on more than one occasion that if I couldn’t eat it, I didn’t want to weed it.  That has dramatically changed.  I tried to start a flower bed on the north side of the old summer kitchen.  It was a horrible place, and I gave up trying to start things.  They just got mowed off and turned back into yard.  This week I had a surprise.

A hibiscus!  It’s small and I missed it being open, but it’s a hibiscus.  I can’t believe it’s come up after all this time.

Can you tell what this tiny flower is?

It’s broccoli.

Last year I had tons of honeybees swarming around the broccoli flowers.

This year, it’s only bumblebees.

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