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17 Aug

Sometimes I wonder what it is that makes one person able to withstand a diversity and come through the ordeal not just okay, but stronger while another person with the same situation is completely broken.  I think sometimes people simply get an attitude that things are hopeless and that they can’t handle situations, so that’s what happens.  They fall and crumble and wither with adversity.  Sometimes it helps to look at nature and see that even when things go wrong, it doesn’t have to be our downfall.

I have a rose bush that has to be very old.  My dad once used his chainsaw and cut it to the ground.  The very next spring, it grew back even more lovely from being pruned.  Now, however, the goats like to reach through the fence and nibble on its leaves every chance they can.  It seems no matter what I do to try and stop them from reaching, they find a way.  Despite it’s way too frequent prunings, the one tiny section with leaves still managed to bloom this summer.

Now, I see new growth starting at the base.  Despite constant abuse, this rose is determined to bloom.

In the pasture I see many examples of resiliency.  This tree really seems to show that ability to bounce back.  It’s trunk was bent and twisted and split, seemingly killing it.  However, it’s getting new growth, straight and tall.

I so wish I knew the secret of resiliency and how to bestow it upon others.  I’ve had sick goats before that every day I would come home knowing they would probably be dead.  Yet they would persevere and I continued treating and caring for them not knowing how they could possibly survive another day.  Yet they did, day after day until they completely recovered.

Then there’s Flash who seemed happy and healthy.  One evening, he didn’t feel like eating, so I was going to get wormer from the vets and treat him; however, before I could get it the next day he was dead.

It breaks my heart, and I wish I knew how better diagnose and help my goats.  What lets one goat be sick for a long time, giving me the opportunity to work and help and treat while another seems to wither overnight?  Sometimes I wonder how I’ll find the resiliency to pick myself up and keep loving these animals when I get my heart broken.

Alphabe-Thursday this week is the letter R.