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Rhubarb Wine

9 Aug

We still have one wine left in the carboys~rhubarb.  We racked it the other night, and it’s ready to stabilize so we can bottle it.  Of course, we kept a glass for sampling.

Brandon thought it was not too bad.  In fact it’s a lot like water that had a rhubarb stalk as a swizzle.

I don’t think that’s a glowing review, but everything I’ve read about rhubarb wine tells me to leave it in the bottle aging for at least a year.  Of course, Jeremy tried some rhubarb wine from the Amana Colonies and said it was just like ours.

In a couple of weeks we’ll siphon it from these carboys and put it in bottles.  It does have decent clarity, but I wish it was just a bit more clear.

I’m afraid we’re going to have to actually start drinking some wine.  I have just about enough spaces on the wine rack my dad made to hold the rhubarb when we bottle it.  Then we’re full!

Drinking wine~tough job, but I think I can handle it!

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