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6 Aug

I’m so relieved that my little corner of the world has received some rain and been released from the grip of the heat wave.  I’m very grateful for this.  I’m not trying to rub the rain in your nose is you’re living in the midst of a drought and heat wave, but I thought I’d try to share my rain with you.

Hopefully, you can remember what it’s like to have a wonderful cooling rain and focus on that (i.e. Law of Attraction).  The flowers have been cleaned, and the flies are grateful for a lovely sip.  The mallow makes a perfect vessel to catch the rain.

I’m not usually big on flies, but I’ve never seen so many out on the flowers sipping the cool rain, or maybe I just haven’t noticed them before.

I love the mallow flowers.

The birds are happy to have found the new bird feeder~too bad it fell down and I haven’t gotten around to putting it back up.  I also need to trade the corn for sunflower seeds.  Right now it’s more of a tease than anything since they can’t pull the corn out.

The goslings were on the wrong side of the fence enjoying the grass.  It was starting to turn brown, but now it’s looking much greener.

Of course, the goats are just hiding in the barn.  They are never happy for rain, but they certainly do enjoy all the green stuff that grows.

The sweet peas have blossomed, and the dust was washed away with the rain.

I hope you feel cooler and refreshed now.  Hopefully, some rain will be falling in those drought-affected areas soon.

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