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Summer Treats

5 Aug

Even though my garden isn’t producing much between the heat wave and being sprayed, I was happy to get a couple of zucchini.  Every summer, I have to make a favorite summer treat, zucchini brownies.  I posted the recipe for zucchini brownies last summer, but thought it was worth repeating, since I don’t think many people were actually reading my blog at that time.

It’s a recipe that I would whip out and make when I would take my son and nephews on short day trips to exciting places like the Herbert Hoover Presidential Museum or the state capitol building.  Occasionally, we’d even do an overnight camping trip to exotic locations like Hannibal, Missouri, home to the Mark Twain Cave.

Chris, Caleb and Brandon

The brownies would go with us as the dessert for our picnic lunch.  Let’s face it, I was young and poor back then, but the kids had fun.  This summer, while Chris was back from college in Indiana (yeah, it’s an old picture), I thought it would be the perfect time to make zucchini brownies, but, my, the times have changed. My brownies are still sitting on the platter waiting for my boys.

Instead of coming to see their mom and auntie and eating a brownie, Caleb is at work as a mechanic.  Brandon and Chris are both working an event at the golf course~with Playboy Bunnies!  Why on earth would they rather go work around bunnies than spend time with me?  No worries though because I now have a whole batch of brownies to myself.

I did miss picking a zucchini or two on time, and it was too big for me to make any summer treats for the family, but the birds truly appreciated their summer treat!

Quackers looks on as his hens sample the zucchini to make sure it’s safe for him.  Really, I haven’t poisoned him in the last twelve years.  You’d think he’d just dig right in.

This phoenix hen is one of two remaining hens after the raccoon attacks.  I think her name should be Lucky.  She looks happy to be alive and enjoying some fresh zucchini.

Who would have guessed the peacock could open his mouth so wide!

He at that entire chunk by swallowing it whole.  I might have to start cutting them smaller.

Only Naughty Rooster Boy doesn’t look happy, and he’s still mad about not being a free range rooster anymore.

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