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Pumpkin Worries

3 Aug

I’m a bit concerned about my pick-your-own-pumpkin patch for this fall.  I already had to scale down from the whole front hill in the pasture being planted in pumpkins because of circumstances beyond my control.

Still, this spring I planted a whole bunch of pumpkin seeds.  Things got busy, but I finally got those plants in the ground.  I added a few more seeds directly in the pumpkin patch.  Despite my neglect of the gardens, they did grow.

We’ve had a very hot dry July.  The poor leaves are covered in dust.

The plants do have a lot of blooms.

I even found a couple of small pumpkins.

Overall, there are not many pumpkins there.  By this time in the summer, there should be a lot of round green pumpkins, but it’s just been too hot for them to actually produce fruit.  There are a lot of small blossoms coming on though, so hopefully they’ll still be able to produce some more pumpkins.

I guess I do have a backup plan for pumpkins if the patch I planted doesn’t do well.

This one grew in the barnyard from a seed that the goats and geese must have missed eating when I fed them the leftover pumpkins last fall.  Suppose it will actually produce a pumpkin and the goats won’t eat it before Halloween?

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