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25 May

Everyone needs a friend once in a while.  Kezia certainly needs some friends right now.

This adorable Pekingese/poodle mix puppy came from a poor home where they don’t spay or neuter their dogs. Nobody wanted this puppy, but she finally found a home with Isobelle Golightly the Beautiful Goat and her lady.  Recently they discovered that Kezia’s left hip was not well.  She had to have surgery, a femoral ostectomy which cost about $3000.   You can read more about Kezia and her recovery here.

My goat Millie wanted to join the other goats in Blogdom to help raise money for Kezia’s surgery, but all she could do was make goat berries.  The least we can do is tell you about some of the other goats that are helping.

Texan had a great product, goat coats, to sell.  She’s sold them now, but you should still visit her great site.  One of the coats was purchased by TexWisGirl at the Run-A-Round Ranch.  She donated the coat back to Texan, who is hosting a giveaway.  You still have some time to visit and enter.  I’m sure she’ll be making more coats sometime if you need your goat (or even a small dog) warm before winter.

Pricilla is a wonderful goat who’s publicist is donating 10% of her soap sales to Kezia through the end of the month.  Millie won some of Pricilla’s soap once, and it is wonderful!  If you’ve ever wanted to try goats milk soap, this would be the perfect time!

Finally, Lucky Nickel and her lady are helping out also.  Her lady has an etsy shop where she is donating the money from her fiber and yarn to help the cause.  She also has some pretty bracelets that she is selling to help out.  You can check that out here

After seeing all the great goat friends Kezia has lending a helping hoof, Millie convinced me to sell some of my goat milk soap locally.  All the money from that is being donated too.

This is linked to Alphabe-Thursday so all Miss Matlock’s friendly students can spread the word to help our little friend Kezia.