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The State of the Orchard

19 May

It’s been a while since I was up in the orchard.  We’ve had rain and warm temperatures, so I figured I’d be able to tell what had made it through the winter.

All of the raspberries look great!  They are by far the ones that handled the goat snacking and Iowa winter the best.

The blackberries didn’t do so well.  Two are alive but just barely starting.  I’m not so sure about the third.  The five blueberries are all alive and doing almost as well as the raspberries.

Of course, I need to mow very badly.  I haven’t been able to get up there and do that yet.  Good thing I put down some mulch around them.

It’s not quite so easy to tell about the grapes yet.  Some of them are clearly getting new growth.

They are pretty buried in the tall grass also.  I didn’t get any mulch around them last summer.

The trees suffered the most damage from the goats snacking on them last fall.  I’m amazed how well the little pear tree did.

The poor sweet cherry died.  I think I’m blaming it on the excess rain because it had lost all of its leaves by the time the goats got in there.  This little sour cherry had blossoms.

Why?  does this look like a tree that should be expending its energy on blossoms?  I don’t think so!

If you missed my update on Pam, my goat that had a blood transfusion, she is doing well.  She gains strength daily.

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