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A Long Hard Week

6 May

I must say it really has been a long hard week.  Pam’s health has been a big priority, as well as Stormy.  After discovering Pam had worms, I collected a fecal sample from Stormy, and it will be tested.  If things go well, I’ll try to get two or three more samples from the herd to judge the effectiveness of the herbal wormer.  I’ve had a lot of questions about how the news of Pam’s parasites will impact the rest of the herd.  In general, I’ve used the herbal wormer for four years.  I have some goats that have never been given a chemical wormer in their life.  Some have had a time when they didn’t feel well or run down, so they were given a chemical wormer to cover them until they feel better.  In general, as long as they are healthy and eating well, they’ll be safe from parasites.  As soon as I get my fence in the back forty, I’ll be able to open up a pen or two so that I can sort them into smaller groups and make it more certain that everyone gets their share, even if they aren’t assertive eaters.  They’ll also be browsing instead of grazing, which is much better for their health.

In addition to Pam and goat herd concerns, I’ve had two uncles have strokes of varying degrees.  I haven’t had a lot of information on them, but I think they are on the mend.  I also have an aunt who just got out of the hospital with a severe case of bronchitis.  I have about twenty aunts and uncles over the age of sixty-five, so I’ve been thinking of buying stock in a flower company.

While I was feeding bottle kids, I decided to take my camera and continue across the drainage ditch to see the owl babies.  It had been a couple of days, and I wanted to see how they have grown.  Well, the one was looking at me and watching me.  I never did see the second one.  I’ve only seen one before and usually swing back by and get to see the second one as well.  Today, however, as I was heading back across the drainage ditch, I saw feathers.  Something happened to the baby, and it was eaten by a raccoon.  I assume it was a raccoon with nothing but feathers left on the edge of the water.  I don’t know if it fell, was pushed, or stolen.  Bless this baby who brought me such happiness to watch.

As I was loading animals up to go to the vets yesterday, I noticed a package tied to my mailbox.  I didn’t have time to get it before leaving.  Even though I saw it and registered a package on the mailbox, I never did make it back out to get it.  This morning, I plucked it off the mailbox on my way to work.

Finally, after bringing Pam home and doing chores and feeding bottle kids, I remembered to open it.  I won a giveaway at Prairie Farmstead Ponderings.  Look at all the wonderful things in this box.

My favorite thing tonight…the umbrella straws!

I confess, after the long week, I did pour a glass of my Chapel wine (cherry apple) that is supposed to be bottled this weekend.

Did I mention that my furnace is not working properly?  I put a call in to the repairman on Wednesday, but I haven’t heard back from him.  Somehow, the furnace was pushed to the bottom of my priority list with Pam, warmer weather, and everything else going on.

I think I deserve it.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I know my weekend has to be better than the week.  I promise, tomorrow’s post will have no sickness or death or ugliness.