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Finally Blooming!

30 Apr

Finally, the weather has warmed up and the sun has come out.  My flowers sitting as little buds with their petals folded closely in so they didn’t freeze have finally opened up.

If the wind would quit blowing (darn, I’m complaining about the weather again), I’d be able to smell the sweet heavy scent.  It is perfect!

I do wish this tree weren’t nestled in between the house, greenhouse, and wellhouse.  Not the best for showing off it’s beauty.

It’s a shame the tree is only covered in the flowers for a short time.  Below is the red tulip before it was fully opened.

And today, it was completely open–so pretty.

I must say it was a challenge to take the picture of the two tulips as they were swaying in the breeze.

The bleeding heart is starting to put out its delicate flowers.

I still think the daffodils are my favorite flowers.  I just love the sunny yellow.  They are so cheerful.

He’s not a flower, but he’s just a fine specimen of barn cat.

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The Kids Less Talked About

29 Apr

I’ve spent so much time talking about the moms and kids that are not feeling well that I seem to have neglected the others.  With beautiful but windy weather, I spent some quality time with those kids and goats that I’ve been neglecting.  My little black doe is Raven.  She’s hard to find still for very long.

Fowler is my big buck. Check out the ornery look in his eye!  He likes to butt me and push me.

He seems to think he’s as big as the yearlings.  I must say, Bambi is awfully careful when she’s playing with him.

That little buck pushes for all he’s worth against those bigger girls.

He looks very good, but then again, I’m raising his twin brother!

Then there’s Squirt.  She is so cute, but she has a bum leg right now.  She probably twisted it playing, and it is already getting better.

As always, Bob joined me for my walk in the pasture.  He’s such a sweet kitty!

Finally, I haven’t written about Heather in a very long time.  After her injury last winter, I just didn’t have the heart to sell her even after it was safe because of the slaughter withdrawal time.

She’s actually continued to improve.  Other than the odd tilt to her head when she eats, she isn’t in pain.  She eats well, runs and plays and even butts heads.  She seems happy and cheerful, so I guess she’s staying.  I am such a sucker!

Putting Fence In, Part 0

28 Apr

After removing fence on Saturday and Sunday, it was time to put the new fence in.  I was really excited because I had purchased a post driver last fall, and I had only seen it once.  Finally, Jeremy came driving the tractor through the field.

Then he came over the hill headed to the far southwest corner of the pasture.  Look at that shiny red post driver on the back!

Caleb was coming to help, and we had the trailer parked and ready to load the old wire onto it.

We got our first end post and measured where we wanted it set.  I must say those end posts are big and heavy.

Caleb held it in place.

Then Jeremy backed the tractor up to the post making sure it was in the driver.  It has a wonderful little latch to hold the post in place, so you don’t have to have your hands anywhere near it.

Then with a pull of the lever, the hydraulics on the tractor releases the driver onto the post forcing it into the ground.

Change the direction of the lever and it raises it up again.  Wait.  Why isn’t it moving?  It’s supposed to pick it back up.

We are still waiting to get the first post completely driven.  We now have the schematics for the driver and need to check it out.  If that doesn’t work, it’s probably a faulty valve.  It’s very frustrating to have this great machine, all the materials, grass growing, hungry goats, and not be able to do anything.  I’m hoping the boys will get it going soon or at least let me know if I need to get someone else to look at it.

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