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When the Snow is Gone

25 Mar

Things change around here with the snow’s melting.  First, I notice that my dog food bill goes down.  That’s because these guys quit sitting on the deck feasting upon it.

Do those cheeks look full of dog food?  The bigger changes are in the barnyard.  Obviously, we have kids running around.  Betty Lou’s daughter came out to meet the world.  Of course, by the time I got my camera out she was back inside.  I finally got a picture of her cute little face.

Unfortunately, it leaves the barnyard muddy.  This is my bottle girl, Cinnamon.  She’s starting to get big.

She likes playing with her nephew, Copper.  The kids are all getting old enough that they like to bounce and play with each other.

The older goats–yearlings–aren’t as willing to get their hooves muddy.  They spend their time on the picnic table to try and stay clean.  Well, until your half-sister puts her hoof up on your back.

Finally, with the snow out of the barnyard, I’ve started finding little treasures again.

The penny is a normal kind of find.  Of course this one was awfully worn.  I think it might only qualify as a half-penny.  The markings are completely worn away.

I am really more interested in the 93.  Any idea what this is?

I found it in the pasture just outside of the barnyard.  I know my barn was built as a dairy barn.  Did they used to make metal cattle tags?  If so, when?  Any other ideas of what it might have been used for?