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A Visit from the Vet

20 Mar

Each year over spring break I schedule a visit from the vet.  It’s time to work the animals.  Now most times when they work the animals on a farm, they are running through a large number of cattle or something.  Mine is a little bit different.  Since they are coming to do the large animals, I take advantage of that and have them do all the small animals too.  The dogs and cats all get rabies and distemper shots.

I usually have the ox get a rabies shot, but I didn’t this year because I have no way to catch him on the cornfield.  Most people don’t have the cattle get rabies shots, but the county I live in has the highest rate of rabies in the state.  In fact, my sister had to go through rabies shots because of a calf that died from rabies.

The llama, being a guard animal, needs his rabies shot.  He also gets wormed.  I shut him off the pasture overnight so he couldn’t go out first thing in the morning and not return until it was time to be fed some corn in the evening.  That said, I did have to bribe him with corn to catch him in the barnyard because the only human that llama likes is my son.  We certainly had quite the audience.  I think they knew I had corn concealed in my jacket.

Look at those ears–that is not a happy llama.  Look how he’s pushing against Dr. Schmitz.  He really is a Not-So-Djali-Llama!

We got it done, even with him pushing, and Dr. Schmitz commented that he wasn’t quite as difficult as last year.  The last thing was new casts for Millie’s horns.  She’s been playing on these casts since last fall, and she’s gotten them pretty much worn through.

I wanted to get them replaced before she had herself bleeding again.  We still had an audience for this task, especially Fancy.  She was probably thanking her lucky star that she is polled, not horned.

Millie is quite the trooper while we’re doing this.

She just keeps her eyes closed and pretends it isn’t happening.  The first one is done, and she really wishes I’d let go of her collar so she can make her escape.

Just one more to go.  The roll of cast material is soaked in water before it’s wrapped around her horns.  See the wet fur.  That’s the worst part, water dripping onto her head and ears.

We put the new cast on right over the old one.  Eventually, it’s going to get kind of thick up at the top where she doesn’t wear through it.

All done!  We have beautiful sparkling white casts again.  Well, except for the red streak where she was already playing her horns on the gate.

We’re done working animals until next year!