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Birthdays, Anniversaries, and a Winner

18 Mar

We’ve had several births since my post on kidding.  I must say, this spring break has been quite the interesting and productive.  Nanny #6 to have babies was Penny.  As a first time mom, I figured she would have just one baby, but she blessed us with beautiful twin boys.

They are Copper and

Lincoln (Link).  I thank TexWisGirl for providing them with their names.

The next day, Pam went into labor.  I ended up helping her have her babies because she was trying to have them both at the same time.  After much drama on Pam’s part (she is a little princess), she had two beautiful girls.  Scout is all white except for one little black spot on her neck.

Her other daughter has a bit more color.  Her name is Tayet, named after the young lady at In a Goat’s Shoes.

Naughty Rooster Boy likes to keep an eye on his kids. Really, he gets protective of the kids, and even attacked my mom last year.

After a day with no babies, Meg had her twins the next day, March 16th.

They are Xander and Xavier.

That brings us to Stormy.  This is Stormy two days ago, the day before she was due.

I know she doesn’t even look pregnant, but she’s only had one baby at a time.  I figured she was going to give me one baby again.  Although I have been a bit worried because she has started losing weight in the last few day.  I know she just hasn’t felt well the last week.  Well no wonder.  Look what she did.

Where did she put all three of those kids?  If I hadn’t helped her give birth to all three, I’d never have believed it.  No wonder she doesn’t feel well.  She probably hasn’t been able to eat very much because she had so much baby in there.  Poor girl is exhausted!  The two red ones are girls, and the white with boer markings is a boy.

How’s that for a lot of birthdays–four moms and nine babies.  That’s it for the birthdays until Betty Lou has her babies.  Now, to the anniversaries–today is the anniversary of my birth.  Isn’t that a wonderful present that stormy gave me for the forty-third anniversary of my birth?

The other anniversary we celebrated yesterday, is the first anniversary of my purchase of the farm.  One year ago yesterday, I signed papers making Eden Hills mine.  Amazing all that has happened in the last year–crops, tiling, bulldozing and landscaping, cleaning, making hay, increasing the goat herd, and so many dreams that are still growing.

Every day is more exciting than the one before, and I just love the life we are building here.  I just love sharing the everyday happenings around here, and it amazes me that people actually come and read what I write every day.  Thanks so much to everyone who stops by.  Your comments (and just the page views that WordPress counts fore me) mean a lot to me.

That brings us to a winner.  I wish I could send a package to everyone.  I did draw for a winner of the giveaway for a bar of lavender goat milk soap and bath salts.  The winner is…

Elaine R.  Congratulations!