No Rye

Last November, we finished with some major work in the back forty.  We filled in the drainage ditch and added tile to stop the erosion.  One of the last pieces of work back there was disking the area.

It breaks up the big chunks left by the bulldozer and smooths the ground.  After the disking was finished, we planted seed.

We planted a waterway mix of grasses.  That is ultimately what we want growing here.  However, the grasses are slow to germinate, and we need to get a good root system in place quickly to help reduce erosion.  For that, we planted rye.  The theory is that the rye will sprout very early and grow quickly.  Here’s what it looks like now.

Lots of black dirt.  Not a single blade of rye in sight.  Most likely, it started germinating in January when our snow melted and the weather was warm.  Then the weather turned cold again.

Now I have to figure out what to plant for a cover crop.  I need something that will grow quickly as soon as it dries out and warms up enough for me to plant.

Of course, I have to have something that will also not be bad for the cattle or goats if they come and eat it.

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