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Mother Moon’s Gift

4 Mar

Mother Moon posted a “Pay it forward” event at the start of the year, and I responded.  Well, yesterday in my mail, I found a wonderful package.

As soon as I opened it, the wonderful scent of lavender filled the air, and I excitedly opened the first package of tissue paper.

I love the card.  I was looking in the craft department while shopping today, and I am amazed at the beautiful paper crafts there are.  Chocolate is always good too.  In the second tissue paper package, I found another beautiful paper craft.

William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 21–is that not perfect for someone who’s degree is in English?

Sonnet 21

So is it not with me as with that Muse

Stirr’d by a painted beauty to his verse,

Who heaven itself for ornament doth use

And every fair with his fair doth rehearse

Making a couplement of proud compare,

With sun and moon, with earth and sea’s rich gems,

With April’s first-born flowers, and all things rare

That heaven’s air in this huge rondure hems.

O’ let me, true in love, but truly write,

And then believe me, my love is as fair

As any mother’s child, though not so bright

As those gold candles fix’d in heaven’s air:

Let them say more than like of hearsay well;

I will not praise that purpose not to sell.

Oh, and that lavender scent was just exuding from this beautiful butterfly sachet.  She even had coordinating ribbon around the tissue paper.  I’m so excited to have this wonderful gift.

I guess this means I need to get my own packages finished up and in the mail.

Now, Mother Moon is hosting a spring swap.  Be sure to visit and see how much fun you can have.