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Finally Getting my Fingers Dirty

3 Mar

I have been reading about the wonderful things that are sprouting and being planted and growing and getting harvested in other people’s gardens.  It is just making me itch to get my fingers in the soil.  Where I live in central Iowa, the frost free date isn’t until mid-May.

It never fails that I know people who try to get a jump on their gardens and want them completely planted by the first of May.  Some years this works for them, but most of the time they end up having to replant because the frost kills their tomatoes or it’s too cool and the seeds rot.

I finally got my seeds out and looked through them.  There are a couple of things that I am starting now.  The luffa gourds need a much longer growing season than I can give them just planting directly into the ground, and the celery is a cool weather crop that I want to give a head start as well.

I always feel guilty when I buy plants that come in plastic containers.  Sometimes I need to replace plants that died or they go on sale so cheap that I just can’t pass them up.  Then, I think I should reuse the containers instead of just throwing them out, so I have a large selection to start my seeds in.

I put the dirt in the openings and packed it in the bottom.  Then I finished filling it up with more potting soil.  Look at how tiny those celery seeds are!

I use the tweezers and try to put two seeds in each container.  I figure I can pluck one out (or just put it in its own container) if I need to, but as little as they are, I figure I want to make sure I actually dropped it in there instead of on the table or floor.

These seeds don’t get covered with any more dirt.  I just give them a good watering.  This is another reason I put two seeds in.  It’s possible that I might bury one or wash one out.

Then it’s off to the nice sunny window and hoping the cats don’t decide to play in my dirt.

The luffa gourd seeds are much easier to plant.  I can actually see them.

I put three seeds into a one gallon pot.  Again, they can be separated into their own containers if they all grow and do well.  I must say, they take a very long time to germinate and I haven’t had many problems with too many sprouting.

These do get covered with a layer of potting soil, about 1/2 inch deep.

I gave these seeds a nice drink of water.

This one I put on the plant stand by the geranium.  I figure it should be a nice sunny place and safe from the cats.

Hopefully, this weekend, I’ll get to plant some more seeds, but I at least got to play in the dirt a little bit.

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