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An Egg Challenge

25 Feb

The longer days have caused the birds to start laying their eggs.

The hens have been giving me one or so occasionally for about three weeks now.

I’d get more from them if they weren’t getting so old.  Don’t worry about the rooster (below to the right)–he does have his head.  It’s just tucked under his wing for an early bedtime.

I love when I peek into the nest box and see this.

These are all the eggs I found yesterday.  The nice clean one in front is from the chickens.

The other three I found in a very muddy messy nest with a goose standing over them.  That means it is officially the geese’s breeding season.  That means, I’ll be challenged to locate where they are building their nests and laying their eggs.

Finding the nest is easy (most of the time).  It’s actually getting the eggs out of the nest that is a challenge.  Notice the egg in the nest below.  Notice the goat getting nipped as she walks past.

Geese get very protective of their eggs and when they really want to start sitting, they will really attack.  I’ve been known to hold them off with a big plastic garden rake or use my son as a distraction.  The boy is too old and unadventurous to agree to that anymore, so I have to resort to whatever sneaky methods I can find.

Eventually, they want to sit more than I want to get attacked.  When that happens, we have goslings about 28 days later.