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Spring Break Babies

24 Feb

There are two times in the year that we have kids.  The first is the week I’m not teaching for spring break, and the second is when school is out for the summer.  I do it this way because I know someone will be here to check the girls around the clock just to make sure there are no problems.

This year we had ten does exposed for spring break babies.  Here they are.

The Naughty Boys busted loose and bred three girls.

March 11th

Kizzy Kay Street will be having her second go at being a mom.  She had twins last year, and she’s looking likely to have two more this year.

Pebbles Sue Street is a pro at this.  This will be her fourth time having babies, and I’m thinking twins again.

Pam Street will be having her third baby.  She’s only had one at a time and only boys.  I’m really hoping she has a daughter to keep so she can reitre because she’s a very neurotic weaner (makes me laugh every time I say that).

March 13

Litha May Street will be having babies for the third time.  Looks like she’s having twins again.

Sallie Blackboer is two years old having her first kids.  She’s a single and her mother has only had single births, so I’m only expecting her to have one cute kid.

March 14th

Annie Belle O’Boera will be having her third kid, I think.  She was with the buck for several months last year and never had a kid.  Right now, she looks very, very round.  She has the appearance of starting to spring.  Her udder is pretty darn small though.  Because it’s cold, that is not real uncommon.  I think she’s bred, but I’ll have to wait and see.

March 15th

Meg Saanen is one of my original girls, and the only one that hasn’t retired.  This will likely be her last year to have babies.

March 16th

Penny Lou Blackboer is another first time mother.  Her kid(s) will inherit genes from all the best we’ve had.

March 17th

Stormy Sue Street will be having her third baby.  I’m assuming she’s only going to have one again because if she didn’t have a great start to her udder, she doesn’t look bred.

March 18th

Betty Lou Street is the other one that I’m not sure about.  She looks nice and round, but she has no appearance of springing, and she doesn’t seem to be making any udder at all.  I guess only time will tell, but I hope she is bred because she’s the one I was going to make my milking nanny for the summer.  Update as I just finished chores and checked again–she seems to have the very beginnings of an udder.  Yeah!

It should be one very busy sleepless week that is just wonderful!

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