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Spring Fever

10 Feb

I must say, the groundhog is looking like his prediction of an early spring might come true.  Our weather for the next week is predicted to be above freezing for the whole seven day forecast.  Our snow can melt.

I’m thrilled about this!  I have so much I want to get done this weekend while it’s nice.  It will give me a chance to trim hooves on some girls before they have babies in March.

I need to clean the cattle tank (goose sludge–need I say more).  I need to refill my feed tubs in the barn and throw a bunch of hay down from the loft.  I think I could fill the entire week with outside tasks.

I must say, the nice weather also has me thinking about what I want to put in for a garden this summer.  We have decided to take a small step towards our agritourism business.  I’m going to plant pumpkins on the front hill, so that we can have hayrack rides back for people to pick their own.

I’d also like to have popcorn and mini-Indian corn for sale.  The possibilities are endless: squash, gourds, jams and jellies.  I should have quite a few soaps by then.  I am determined to take small steps in building this farming business so that it isn’t overwhelming.  I admit, I get so excited about this that I lay awake at night thinking about it.  I know, it’s a small step, but we want to keep building on this.

Then again, maybe I’ll just spend my weekend lounging on the deck with Stella.

There is a down side to all this nice weather however.  It comes riding in on strong south winds.  For some reason, I tend to end up with lungs full of gunk when we get those strong winds.  I finally gave in and went to the doctor today, and I’m starting on medicine to help clear it up.  Hopefully, it will kick in and I’ll start feeling better very soon.



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