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Naughty Rooster Boy

9 Feb

If you’ve spent much time browsing my blog, you’ll know who Naughty Rooster Boy is, but you might not know how he came to live at Eden Hills.  I thought I would take today, Alphabe-Thursday letter R, to explain that.

About two years ago, my aunt wanted to know if I could get her some chicken eggs to take to school and hatch for the kids.  My sister and I both gathered some eggs and sent her a dozen.  Of course, the hardest thing about hatching eggs at school is finding someone to take whatever hatches, and I said I would take them.

Right at the end of the school year, I brought home the four chicks that had hatched.  They did well and grew.  I did lose one that would not stay where it belonged and finally was killed by the dogs.  I still have the other three.

Two of the chicks were very tame and friendly and always talked so sweetly whenever I was near them.  I optimistically called them all “Chickie hen” because nobody needs very many roosters.  Well, it didn’t take long to figure out that the one red one was a rooster.  I was pretty sure the littlest one was a hen.  That left the white one that I kept calling Chickie Hen.  I confess, the white one was my favorite.

Then one day, it became obvious that my sweet talkative little hen was growing into a rooster.  Darn!  Still, I figured it would work out and all would be fine.  They kept growing, and last March he decided he was going to take the spot as top rooster.  He began attacking me and he killed one of my older roosters.

I decided he had to go!  How to get rid of him was a problem though.  Nobody wants a rooster.  I couldn’t butcher him because I’m a vegetarian.  Finally, I decided I’d just let nature take it’s course.  I’d kick him out of the coop and let him free-range.  With any luck he’d soon be lunch for a wandering raccoon.

“Help! I’ve been kicked out of my coop!”

Well, that was almost a year ago.  He’s still free ranging.  He still tries fighting with the other rooster through the fence.  He still tries attacking me once in a while.  I confess, he’s reclaimed his spot as my favorite chicken.  I’m guessing every night he thanks his lucky star that he came to live on the farm of a bleeding-heart vegetarian!

Naughty Rooster Boy

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