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Thinking Spring

7 Feb

It’s the time of year when I’m really hoping the groundhog wasn’t lying.  I want to believe spring is just around the corner.  Of course, our temperatures are supposed to be below zero again tonight and a high of only 7* F for tomorrow.  As beautiful as it is, I’m tired of seeing this.

In the cold weather, one of my heated tubs decided to quit working.  Thankfully, I had an extra one (for just such an emergency) and the Boy helped me haul the full frozen tub into the house.  After it thawed a bit, he and a nephew took it outside.  We’ll see how long I have this interesting ice sculpture in my yard.

Suppose all the hay in there might have something to do with its not working.

Still, I’m hopeful spring is on its way.  Look at the tip of Stormy’s horn.

Okay, I call them horn boogers (I know that’s disgusting).  Sometimes, they actually git a big ball wadded around the tip of her horn.  She’s scratching with her horn and fur is coming out.  If her winter fur is coming out, it must mean spring is coming soon.  My big black lab/samoyed mix is losing his undercoat as well.

The geese are starting to get feisty.  They are fighting and it seems like they might even be trying to decide where they want to nest.

They are even starting to get a bit hissy with me.  That’s always a sure sign they are thinking about spring and laying eggs.

I know spring will get here in its own sweet time.  Meanwhile, I get to enjoy my geranium.  This is the second year I’ve over-wintered it in the house.

I just love its bright cheerful bloom when everything outside is white.