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Considerate Cattle

4 Feb

I confess I don’t go check my cattle every single day.  I do check them frequently; however, since I can see them across the corn field.   I had gone up and checked them over the weekend, and I figured they ‘d be coming to tell me they had finished February (their big round bale of hay) about the first of the week.  Well, they didn’t come on Monday, and when the blizzard hit on Tuesday, I figured I should check on them.

They had finished off their big bale, but don’t worry about them.  They weren’t starving.  They were just being considerate.

After all, why should they bother me to come give them hay when they can get it themselves?  Now, for the rest of the winter, I’ll be coming up to give them hay every day.  I at least have to make sure they can still help themselves.

Of course, this starts just as we get our biggest snow of the winter.  Here’s MJ hoping I remembered to bring them a couple of ears of corn. (Yep.  I actually did.)

This is the gate I go in.  Nice, huh?  The first day after the blizzard, I thought I was going to get my car stuck because the dead end road had not been cleared very well, and I had to go pretty much to the end before I could find a place to turn around.

Today, when I got there, I surprised Maxine.

She was caught in the act!  You’ll notice that she was still eating from the other side of the panel even though I had given them a bale of hay the day before.

“What?  I know you’re busy, so I’m just trying to save you some time.”  Very considerate.  Now, I’ll be visiting every day.  With all the snow on the road, I decided I needed a smaller vehicle to turn around. Brrr.

I wonder how long it’s going to be cold and snowy?  I certainly think I need to have a different, better plan before next winter.

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