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A Quandary or Two

2 Feb

First of all, the letter Q is in itself a quandary, but it is Alphabe-Thursday, and I have a good vocabulary.  That solves one problem–write about my quandaries.

Here it is.  I really want to celebrate today as my first blogaversary.  I just don’t know if I can.  It was one year ago today that I wrote and published my very first blog post.  Here’s the part that makes it a quandary.  It wasn’t this blog.  I started with a different blog hosting site, and it wasn’t up to my high standard of quality, so I switched to WordPress.  I love WordPress!  But I’ve only been here since mid-July.  What do you think?  Can I still celebrate since I recreated all of my blog posts (couldn’t move them; I had to copy/paste/upload for all of them)?  Do I get to celebrate again in July?  What’s a blogger to do?

Second Quandary:  We had a bit of a blizzard.  My barnyard looked like this.

It’s very difficult to feed and water animals in those huge drifts.  I even have drifts inside the buildings.  It’s hard not to get snow inside during a blizzard unless the building is built to human standards.

I also had to get them to their water.  Goats don’t like snow, and they know I spoil them.  I hadn’t seen a single goat outside all day.  Then I started the snow removal.

I went straight from my gate into the barnyard to the barn.  I must say, they were quite happy when I got them shoveled out.  The path seems to be a bit crowded.  It’s a traffic jam!

Of course, the geese avoid the hassle by going over the giant snow island in the middle of the barnyard.

You’ll see there is a crossroads in that path to the barn.

The one crossroad leads north.  This area was already fairly bare, but I did remove some more snow.  Do you know how cranky those girls get all cooped up in the barn for that long?  Yep.  They definitely needed a bit more space.

The other direction on the crossroads goes to the south.  It was afternoon before I could get them all dug out and a path to the south goat pen for me and the water tank for the goats.

The kids were certainly happy to find a path to the water.

I put a path along the front of the barn.  That door in the middle had to open because that’s where I bring hay out of the barn to feed them.

Then my path turned and went along the pen because I have to get hay to the goats on the other side of the red fence.   That makes a path all the way around the snow.

The goose really looks like I’m interrupting her walk on the path.  Certainly it couldn’t be there for anyone but her, could it?

I spent two hours shoveling snow, and I still have more that needs to be done.  I’m afraid I’m a bit too old for all that shoveling, so now I have to decide how to find a way to move snow on my own without breaking my back.There has to be an easier way to do this than the good old snow shovel and my poor arms and back.  I’m debating between a blade and chains for the Ranger or an old farm truck with a blade.  What’s a snowbound girl to do?

Any helpful suggestions with these difficult quandaries would be welcome.  Don’t forget to visit Jenny Matlock for more quality Q posts.