Sweet Corn

10 Jul

We have about an acre of sweet corn planted at my mom’s house.  See all the little tassels?  There’s going to be a lot of corn.  Jeremy is planning on having someone sit on a street corner by a truck full of sweet corn in a garden chair under a tiki umbrella drinking rum, I mean selling the corn.  It won’t be me selling it–I don’t sit that long.

However, it’s always a challenge to keep the raccoons from getting all the corn.  When I would plant a small amount of corn in my garden, I didn’t have problems because of my big dog.  But at Mom’s house, there’s no dog.  We set live traps to protect the corn.  We did catch a raccoon, but the other trap didn’t work so well.

The way the wire is ripped back made us decide that it must have been something bigger than a raccoon.  We think it was a cougar or a black bear that escaped.  We also found evidence of their horrible deeds.

The corn is not quite ready yet, but those wily little critters have been checking it.  Today, the boys and I put an electric wire around the whole field.  That’s a long ways to put two strands of electric wire.

Brandon had to bring more posts, insulators, and wire when he came home from work.  Dad finished mowing the rest of the way around the field.  I even suffered an injury.  While pounding one of the posts into the ground, I missed the post and hit my hand with the hammer.  It hurts.  I do not recommend trying it yourself.  Trust me, it hurts.  I only blame the lack of depth perception and not any lack of coordination.  Finally, we got the wire stretched around,

and I hooked up the fencer.  We couldn’t get Caleb to grab the wire to test whether or not it was working.  Oh, I miss the days when he was young and gullible.

Now the corn should be nice and safe.  At least that’s the theory.  We did decide that CJ, Mom’s cat, better find a different area to hunt for a little while.  At least he needs to watch his fluffy tail when he goes in there.

I can hardly wait to taste the juicy sweet corn.  I can almost feel the butter dripping down my chin.

While I have your attention, I’d like to invite you to visit Millie’s blog.  She is one of my milking goats, and she has been writing on her own blog for a while.  She’s decided to host a giveaway to reward her wonderful fans.  Don’t know why I’m advertising for her because everybody seems to like her blog better than mine anyway.  Is that bad when I’m jealous of my goat?  Anyhow, check out her giveaway.  Make sure to tell her I sent you.


2 Responses to “Sweet Corn”

  1. Window On The Prairie July 23, 2010 at 2:55 pm #

    Ahhh…the joys of an electric fence around the sweet corn. I’ll bet you sleep better at night. Ours works great.

    • Teresa July 23, 2010 at 5:03 pm #

      It’s been great, but now that we have people tromping in and out, I’m not sure it’s working.

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