Pina Colada Cake

8 Jul

Although quite inadequate for all he’s done, Brandon’s payment for his help was a pina colada cake.  I confess, I’ve had more than one person tell me that this cake is to die for.  What I like about it is the easiness.  Accolades for a tiny bit of work.

Really, we’re taking a plain 9 x 13 yellow cake and dressing it up.  Another confession, I simply used a yellow cake mix.  Remember, I did say it was easy.  You want to do the cake early because it needs to cool before you top it.

Besides the cake you start with you will need the following:

8 oz. soft goat chevre (you can use cream cheese if you don’t have that wonderful goat cheese)

1/2 cup fresh goat milk (fine any milk will do)

2  3 oz. packages of vanilla instant pudding

1  20 zo. can of crushed pineapple

1/2 teaspoon rum extract

whipped topping

shredded coconut

chopped nuts

maraschino cherries

Start with your softened goat cheese in a bowl and add the two boxes of pudding.

Pour in the milk.

Mix it up until it is smooth.  Make sure you scrape the sides of the bowl to get it all thoroughly mixed.

Pour in the pineapple, juice and all.

Mix it again.

Add your vanilla and again mix it up.

Spread this mixture over the top of the cake.  I usually have a bowl left over.  Keep this to reward yourself after you’ve finished making the cake.

After spreading it over the cake, I like to refrigerate it for a while to let it get set.  It makes it a lot easier to spread the whipped topping over it.  Also, if I’m taking this somewhere else, I’ll stop preparing it after spreading the cheese and pineapple mixture on the cake because the top of the cake pan will still fit on.  I’ll finish it when I get to my destination.  I’ve even finished topping it in my classroom.

After the whipped topping, sprinkle it with coconut.

After the coconut, add the chopped nuts.

Finally, top it off with the cherries.  This is a fun summer cake that is perfect for gatherings!

Remember the leftover bowl of cheese and pudding mixture?  Well, I like to dress it up with all the other toppings as I finish the cake.  That’s my treat to myself.  Maybe I should call it quality control if it’s a cake I’m taking somewhere else.  I don’t do maraschino cherries though.  It’s yummy just like this.

This is a really easy delicious recipe for your next gathering or payment for work.


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